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How to Write, Plan and Prioritise the easy way, without AI

Writing used to be about personal input, now with AI are we losing the ability to speak independently? How do you organise your thoughts without AI? How can you express yourself clearly?

This program is AI FREE supporting you to reach your own goals, using your own voice. All you need to do is fill in the blanks!  Got an essay to write for school? A project? Need to format a professional letter or a business plan? Kylie helps you write authentically and independently. With 20 years of teaching experience and qualifications in Education and Psychology, and a full client list in her private coaching and mentoring programs, let Kylie guide you to your goals your way. 

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The Full Self-Development Toolbox

With an ever-increasing range of essays focused on school booklist text titles and VCE outcomes this program has the support you need for school curriculum. Most importantly, it is NOT AI generated so there is no fear of authentication issues at school.

But there is still more!

This is not just AI free essay writing support. The Step-by-Step Templates include support for all ages in Primary and Secondary school as well as Business and Personal Development support:

Text Response Essay, Analytical Essay, Persuasive Essay, Comparative Essay, Written Explanation, Statement of Intention, Creative Response, Story Writing, Planning Template, Oral Presentation Planning, Poetry Writing & focused Introduction and TEEAAL paragraph and sentence building exercises.

Literacy and Numeracy Skills, Project Management, Small Business start-up support through a comprehensive Business Plan, Self-Reflection Journaling & Your own comprehensive & personalised Questionnaire to assesses your Time Management, Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness and Workload Goals and Priorities!

With more templates arriving regularly as Kylie works with her private clients, this writing app for apple and android provides exactly what you need to be your best!

How does work?

1. Download the free app from you Apple or Android store

2. Login and select “How to Write and Format”

3. Select the template you’d like to support you

2. Select the level of support you’d like in writing

3. Progress through the numbered questions at your own pace using the keyboard or talk-to-text


For optimum results speak full sentences that use the Question in the Answer. For example:

Question: Who wrote Macbeth?

Answer: Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare.


Question: Give yourself a starting mark out of 3 for each category, where 3 is Excellent and 1 Needs Improvement for Work Life Balance and Time Management

Answer: Work Life Balance 3 and Time Management 2


Remember! You don’t need to complete it all at once! Each time you close the app it will save in your “My Templates” folder for the next time you log in.

View all your Completed Templates, Get Feedback & Share

Completed writing pieces can then be shared and saved outside the app via all the usual channels including social media and cloud services, whilst your completed ‘My Templates’ tab stores them all in-app for ready access.


Sounds too good to be true? There’s more! Just share the app with a friend and when they log in for their freebie you too unlock an additional FREE professionally written essay! That’s right, the Level 2 & 3 paid help includes complex essays broken down into sentences, so if your chosen template doesn’t already give you enough support, helping a friend will give YOU the next layer of support for your own writing.


Essays can be drafted and redrafted. Mindfulness and mental health can be logged in daily journals and your Business Plan or Personalised Goal-Setting Questionnaire can be updated and reviewed. This app gives you everything you need for professional and academic success. Including the access to a Multi-Award-Winning writer qualified in Psychology and Education with decades of teaching experience

Start today and find out how easy it is to write with Kylie Mort!

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